Electric Voice

Electric Voice II
On this deluxe compilation, Electric Voice Records offers yet another exploration of historical and contemporary underground music. Whereas last year’s Electric Voice V/A release focused on alternative approaches to electronic pop music, this new album mines a darker spectrum of genres, one that spans more than three decades of minimalist synth and industrial work. Here, new generation artists like Tropic of Cancer and Martial Canterel (Xeno & Oaklander) are seen to extend rather than revive the music of their influences. Electric Voice II marries these young artists with pioneers from the beginning days of this music, truly groundbreaking acts like Ike Yard, the first America band to sign with Factory Records, and Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV’s enigmatic Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, now performing some of her most poignant material to date as Thee Majesty. Other featured artists include Das Ding and French group Martin Dupont, who both offer cuts from their respective early 80’s archives. There are also exclusive tracks by ADN’ Ckrystall, Frank (Just Frank), Vita Noctis, and Nine Circles. Taken together, the seamless flow of these tracks, despite the span of generations, makes clear the continued relevance of these practices and pure electronic sounds. To celebrate this collection, acclaimed artist Juan Mendez (Silent Servant) provides cover artwork, with additional design by Dmytrij Wulffius. Brandon Hocura at Polyphasic Studios offers the meticulous final master.


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