I Had An Accident

‘89palms – ‘Sunshine’ C8 $5
ih114smallWithin the deep depths of a morbid mind, lyricists Justin Bieler and the mysterious DJ U construct a level of chaos with broken LPs and vocals about a serious “letting go” of the one you love. Spawning a twisted affair of severed beats and almost spoken lyrics that produce haunting images of our protagonist dealing with his demons to make sure the ghosts of old lives never dare return. An extremely rare cassingle on golden cassettes (c8) limited to 44 on chrome tape.

Poems Of Dead Kings – ‘Poems Of Dead Kings’ C25 $6
ih113smallPoems Of Dead Kings cultivates field recordings and trecherous beats with found sounds and dark spoken word pieces. This self-titled debut features an intriguing connection between the spoken word thoughts of Tim Kinsella with the harsher side of Walter Gross in an eerie transcendence and enchantment. The recording comes off raw and deliberate as Poems Of Dead Kings experiment with a hip hopesque underground sound that is alluring in its ingenuity. Limited to 26 copies on red c25 cassettes chrome tape. Mp3 download with purchase

Ki Choquette – ‘The Glimmer Of A Movement Of Stillness In Water’ C20 $7
ih112smallKi Choquette’s label debut The Glimmer Of A Movement In The Stillness Of Water was all recorded in a converted barn studio on a tascam 4-track using a couple guitars in alternate tunings… yes, and the end result is an extremely blissful piece of music. The guitar trickles softly like a whispered hum and the soft touch of an ice cube gently caressing the naked body. The smoothness of the album illustrates Choquette’s thoughtful construction of soothing melodies and dreamy progressions. A perfect album for an evening drive through the country as rain subtly falls from the sky. Limited to 28 on electric blue cassettes with tape. Mp3 download with purchase.


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