House of Sun

Grant Evans – ‘Dragging Alabaster’ C40 $7.25(CAN)/$8.25(US)/$10.25(WORLD)
GRANTGrant Evans presents forty minutes of minimalist sound sculpture, capturing guitar snippets, found field recordings and reel to reel tape loops on his latest cassette Dragging Alabaster. Beginning with a heady guitar sample repeated over a whirl and whisper of taped sounds and their mysterious origins, Grant lays down some of the most gripping noise over melody being produced right now. Its decidedly a crisp recording with lo fidelity roots. The flip side moans with slowed down tape samples blurring together to produce a lulling trance. Throughout the length of the tape, there are touches of indeterminable sound sources that repeat translucently, managing to captivate the listener with its constant subtle shifts. It’s a thoughtful record, and one that should undoubtedly be on wax, but here it is offered first through House of Sun as a C40 limited edition cassette.


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