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Arklight – ‘The Beginners’ CS $5
Arklight are Danny, Greg and Tung and they’re from NYC. The band’s been playing together in various incarnations since 2003 and we at TBR dig their weirdo noise pop stuff, created with busted guitars and malfunctioning drum machines. To our ears Arklight’s noisy, pop askew is kinda Beat Happening (check “Frankie’s Pizza”) in the joyful sense – yet also updated for today’s prolific home-recording spirited sprites. Arklight has recorded and released material for a number of labels, but this may well be their most focused and well-produced collection ever. “Abandoned Mansions” has been played on WFMU’s The Frow Show w/Jesse Jarnow and is one of the many highlights on the tape. Be sure to do as Aerosmith says and, “Just PUSH PLAY!”


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