Second Sleep

SS047 – KERÄNEN/LETTERA 22 – ‘Quicksilver logic/ekati’ 7″ 6€
Finnish artist Tommi Keränen deliver 4 minutes of blasting harsh noise a la Bats In The Attick era. Fierce movements and an insane composition which this time seem even more focused and compressed. Lettera 22 on the other side play a fast and frantic track made by mixer shortcuts, feedbacks and tape saturation. Always in balance between noise and electroacustic with an unique proto-industrial feel. Cut at 45rpm. Edition of 100.

SS048 – DAVE PHILLIPS – ‘Abgrund’ LP 15€
For more than a decade Dave Phillips have traveled and played across the 3/4 of the whole planet and with a conscious point of view he have collected and recorded situations and suggestions that become the body of his work. Two compositions – one inspired by nô theatre – with a gloomy and dark mixture of field recordings, female voices, acoustic instruments and body sounds. “the fly buzzing, dogs barking. it ends with low, repetitive martial thumps and pigs screaming.”. Comes with an extensive text by Bill McKibben. Edition of 200.

SS049 – DRUG AGE – ‘Alphabet’ C30 5€
North of Italy meets the South in this collaboration between Matteo Castro and Francesco Tignola. A non-stop moving mass of degraded and gross harsh noise pasted with ugly collages of broken signals and metal junk. Edition of 60.

SS050 – EVERYDAY LONELINESS – ‘Omissions’ C50 5€
Simple and elegant the music of Jonhatan Borges’ project needs concentration, both to be played and listened. It simply concerns repetitive and extatic tape loops that don’t need nothing more than the simple repetition. You’ll find yourself waiting, with the ear tense to discover a subtle change, a single touch that worth the whole record. Edition of 100.


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