KEVIN DRUMM – ‘Tannenbaum’ 2CD+2CS box
Kevin Drumm returns to Hospital Productions with a double album of malign electronic ambient music. Drumm’s subtle work with dynamic roving drones keeps the pace and tempo moving with Hitchcockian tension while details of a story emerge with swells and fades as other sequences are lost in the clatter of chambers of isolation adorned with the trimmings of pagan beauties. In time for the holiday season and all that entails. This special edition of the forthcoming double album includes both discs and two additional cassettes packaged in a hand painted box set. edition of 49. standard edition and digital version forthcoming.

DUAL ACTION – ‘auto body’ CS
Despite years of involvement with the label and New York noise, Matt from K.P. presents his first solo cassette release for Hospital Productions. Dual Action combines the eerie atmospheric sound collage of crowded chinatown streets with the deafening silence of a new apartment and the hard industrial beats of subways and freeways. A dynamic, physical autonomism. Body complete. c30 with 16 page full color booklet in oversized package. Edition of 42.


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