Cultus Sabbati

On December 21st the third and final part of the trilogy of albums that began with Beyond the Walls of Layla and continued to the Hagiography of Baba Yaga concludes with this ritual enactment of the ancient legend of the Wild Hunt – Asgardsreia. 53 minutes of ear blistering whispers, sludge born riffs and walls of trance inducing noise documenting all that howls in the winter night and celebrates darkness. The teeth of the winter wind cuts deep through these sonic forests, blanketed in blood stained snow. Despite rumors of internal strife Cultus Sabbati continue to create genre defying music on the edge of black metal, power electronics and psychedelic drone. Asgardsreia has been released in full as a free digital download as part of the band’s continued support of open music and their fans.


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