ConSouling Sounds

Alkerdeel/A Den Of Robbers – ‘CM Kamp 1996/Horion Jugend’ LP
Alkerdeel (b) is back, and goes way back. The material of the first side of this split dates from the ‘Luizig’ era. Recordings took place in Maldegem somewhere in 2006, in their garage, with a dictaphone. So you know what to expect: noisy drony black doom tunes that push the boundaries of the threshold of hearing. This winter, the Ghent area will surely shake on its foundations when these three previously unreleased tracks are finally discharged. After years of silence, A Den of Robbers (b) come back with a side of full on frenzy. This Ghent quartet still manages to destroy everything that comes in their way. Their unique filthy blend of grindcore, doom and sludge makes up for a noisy sludge assault. No less than eight tracks of aural madness are tightly fitted on glorious black wax. All music was intentionally mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. This memorable split 12″ is limited to only 333 copies. Only 111 copies will be available through mailorder. The other copies will be sold exclusively at Alkerdeel and A Den of Robbers shows.


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