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Ralf Rabendorn – ‘Exile’ CD
“Exile” the new concept album from Ralf Rabendorn, who is currently indeed somewhere in exile is coming out just one day before the official End of the World. Wow…what a drama…well, at least Ralf has left us this album which has been recorded already for the most part in 2008. It offers an unique mix of experimental (post) rock, avant-garde, avant-rock, dark ambient, psychedelic and krautrock elements…….MedusaDa they say. The lyrics for 5 songs has been written by Gregory James Wyrick, who asked Ralf for a collaboration years ago. Ralf used these lyrics and combined them with his own written poems. This album is without a doubt a highlight this year for all non mainstream music lovers. It is rich in variety and moods but you can not deny the use of more experimental rock elements than usual compared to earlier Rabendorn albums, but then…they have always been there. And the experimental sounds are also still there…of course. Needless to say that Mr. Rabendorn performed all instruments and voices by himself and like it is always the case with Ralf Rabendorn releases, all instruments are real instruments. Something you have to mention these days…. Limited CD edition on brand new oversized 6 panel professional printed digisleeves Also available is the digital download version (all formats) This CD is a label collaboration release between Global Hideout, Against it Records and ContraMusikProduktion. Global Hideout is actually a distributor who is slowly acting as a label. They started to release some digital albums and this is the first physical release for them. They officially offer many of our albums in their store and they are the only one allowed to sell the digital versions of our albums!


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