SIN018 – JUSTIN MARC LLOYD – ‘funeral’ 3″CDr 5€
JUSTIN MARC LLOYD is a noise exerimental musician from Baltimora. For several years pursuing solo projects and many collaborations (Pregnant Spore, Ghost Volcano, Dementia and Hope Trails, Ok Putrid… ecc) Funeral is composed by 4 track of synth disturbing, odd drones, tape manipulation and broken noises. great dynamics and intelligent composition. Artwork by truculentboy. hand-painted cdr. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

Bruital Orgasme is a belgian noise experimental duo. With a very personal approach they mix harsh, ambient, drone, electronics, being able to create a very special sound. A very nice sound, unexpected and conceptually granitic, ready to hit the listener in every step. The side A is composed by height micro compositions that enhance their experimental side while the B side is a one long track. Pictures by Philippe Cavaliere, layouot by truculentboy. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

SIN020 – COMPOUNDEAD – ‘cutting your certainty’ CDr 5€
Compoundead is a noise drone experimental duo from Italy.  “Cuttin Your Certainty” is a 3 tracks cdr of drone, ambient, cold minimalist approach, bare electronics and few industrial noise assaults. Artwork by truculentboy. silkscreened cdr.  Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.

SIN021 – CRYSTAL PLUMAGE – ‘night conference’ C30 5€
Crystal Plumage is a collaboration duo of Benjamin L. Aman (guitars and electronics) and Sean F. Barrett (electronics & synth).  “Night Conference” encloses a hollow and nocturnal sound. Minimalist guitars, slow pulse, object and leaden drones. Great minimalist composition very evocative and suggestive. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

SIN022 – NODOLBY  – ‘Deranged/unlaced’ C23  5€
Nodolby is Michele Scariot from Italy, Dokuro Records boss.  “Deranged” on side A is composed with tapes and delays, very intensive dynamics and and great noises frequencies. “Unlaced” on the side B is an charming and engaging acoustic composition. Drawing by Valerio Beltrame,  layout by truculentboy. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.


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