Liquid Mary – ‘Matteus’ 3”CDr
Matteus creates on a basis of dérive. Travelling through a number of destinations, he documents a series of images, experiences and people. In liquid Mary, the context of his work is icy, almost haunted, with song writing being at the epicenter. Hand crafted 3D decoupage cards in envelopes. White Cd-r. Edition of 60 distinct items.

Children’s Improvised Music Workshop‘ 3”CDr
A team of children’s creative abilities enthusiasts collaborate with young musicians, providing all necessary amenities and freedom for them to interact with each other as members of a free improvised band. This edition is based on recordings from a series of workshops that took place in 2009 at Kinky Kong, Athens. 200 gms coloured paper. White Cd-r. Artwork design by Tasos Stamou. 100 copies.


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