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Leisure Birds – ‘Globe Master’ LP+7” $12
From a heavenly body appears “Globe Master”, the second full-length from Minneapolis sci-fi garage quartet Leisure Birds. Executed as a concept record “Globe Master” follows the journey of an unknown entity from the outermost dimensions of the galaxy to its eventual fall & transcendence to Earth. Enter the “Silver Runner”, the namesake of the entity’s mode of transport, which begins the pilgrimage with a propulsion of synthetic loops, skyward keys & slinking bass lines. Expansive in scope, we encounter the deep-distant desert jam of “Egyptian Ring”, the sublime, harkening call of “Osiris” & the powerfully cosmic, heady whirl of the finale, “Globe Master”. “Sonvs Universvm”, the 7″ epilogue, presents an array of planetary tones in remembrance of our being’s journey. On our 45th release Moon Glyph is ecstatic to unveil Leisure Bird’s grand evolution. “Ceres Fall. Saturn Shatter. Fall To Earth. Rise Globe Master.” Ed. of 500.

Halasan Bazar – ‘How To Be Ever Happy’ CS $5
Surfacing from Copenhagen comes the baroque psychedelia of Halasan Bazar. Fronted by the wistful crooning & natural songwriting of Fredrik Rollum Eckhoff, the group builds dreamy, pastoral tunes sonically fitted between ’60s folk, AM pop & heaven-gazing psych. Armed with an abundance of instruments & sonics, the complex soundscapes of “How To Be Ever Happy” explore themes of alienation, love & the inner-battle. The slow, strumming genesis of “Figure It Out” matures into a blossoming of circular guitars & deep-seated hooks. On an album of ne’er-ending gems, “Mountaintops” stands out with its lush arrangements, sun-kissed guitars & infectious, buoyant harmonies. A brilliant new voice is here in Halasan Bazar & “How To Be Ever Happy” marks their great metamorphosis. Ed. of 150.

Dead Luke – ‘God Takes LSD’ CS $5
Following last years “Meanwhile… In The Midwest” LP, Dead Luke returns with his newest creation of blazed visions, murky blues riffs & deep fuzz with a cassette christened “God Takes LSD”. After the tab hits your tongue, the hues of opener “Oh My Lord Can’t Help” bloom with a rich psychedelic tapestry. Humbly beginning with a slow bass groove to ultimately peak as vocals loop and the guitars are set ablaze. Complementary to this is “I Loved”, a sunny pop tune with double-backed vocals & a jangled garage force. Eclectic by nature, “God Takes LSD” pulls out the stops with a ferocious live jaunt, trippy synth fields, atheist jams & barn-burning renditions of future-classics. Under the star-spangled midnight sky, Dead Luke salutes you. Ed. of 150.

Treasure Hunt – ‘Toys Unatic’ CS $5
Treasure Hunt is the moniker of Myles Byrne-Dunhill, a psychedelic collagist residing in Dallas, Texas. His newest release & debut for Moon Glyph, “Toys Unatic” is an eclectic expanse of kaleidoscopic brushstrokes, emanating the warmth of morning’s first light. The opener “One Fungi” contains loosely sewn elements that cascade into an aqueous, disorienting composition. This album fleshes out his personal sonic palette of organic sampling, plucked strings, earthy reverberations and transportive jazz. The result is a most joyous sound. Let Treasure Hunt’s vibrant odyssey affect your judgment and mold your psyche. Ed. of 150.

Tara King th. – ‘Uncolored Past (Part I & II)’ CS $5
With a swirling baroque fervor, Tara King th. reveal “Uncolored Past (Part I & II)”. Released in conjunction as two companion EPs, “Uncolored Past” crafts a wide swath of Parisian psychedelic pop held together by Beatrice’s spell-inducing vocals. It combines a Super 8 style of glowing warmth, a spaghetti-western drive & nuanced, succulent instrumentation – ranging from Farfisa organs, flutes, harpsichords, soft strings, vibes & a bevy of synthesized keys. On “Long Time No See” the group harnesses their penchant for contemplative songwriting & their truly blissful melodic scope. With great adoration, Moon Glyph is pleased to release Tara King th’s newest pop incantation. Ed. of 150.

various – ‘Opal Vol.I & II’ DL
A free, digital compilation of Moon Glyph artists circa 2012. All fresh, exclusive tunes for this collection. Comprised of 2 halves, 26 tracks & over 2 hours of music, “Opal Vol.I & II” spans the diverse psychedelic gamut we’ve been fostering since inception.


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