Burd – ‘Wild Saloone’
Melodic and rhythmic sensibilities occasionally get the better of us, Burd finally gave into his – delivering this one take, direct to four-track cosmic synth recording with shades of house to me in early 2010 – it never should have taken so long for it to see the light of day. Wild Saloone will probably draw most comparisons with the output of Steven Warwick’s Heatsick project since it hit the dance floor.

Fossils – ‘What A Drag’
Tarred with the crude brush, What A Drag was someplace and now they’re somewhere else. Studio and live cuts from Payne and Farr, edited by Scarr. “Where else can you do a half-a-million things”.

Kayaka – ‘Operation Deep Freeze’
Operation Deep Freeze came out of a period where Kaya Kamijo was working with a more structured form of noise music, towing a line quite close to what could be considered a more straight form of rock music, but it’s warped by an odd sensibility that’s pinned around the scattered beats of a primitive drum machine. At times it’s reminiscent of the more abstracted moments of Peter Hammill’s A Black Box, and a somewhat less fractured To Live And Shave In LA.

Brood Ma – ‘F I S S I O N’
Brood Ma is the musical alias of (multi-disciplinarian) artist James B Stringer. F I S S I O N resonates within a field of contemporary electronic (dance) music which has developed into a hybridisational form – where numerous genres exist within the whole – simultaneously, effortlessly and fittingly. As for reference points – the first few 12”s of Dro Carey, and the likes of Nguzunguzu with a more industrially tinged and unhinged industrial mind-set.

Spoils & Relics – ‘Stammer Challis’
Now I know where to bring my raspberry pies. Yes send them to the Blessed one.


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