MIRACLE OF LOVE‘ compilation C45
Be it the words and structure of an Angel Olsen, a Cough Cool, or a Lantern; the dense, foggy atmospherics of a Listening Mirror, a High Aura’d, a Merryl, or a William Cody Watson; the dream-like vibrations of a Villages or a Padang Food Tigers; or the otherworldly energy of a Difference Clouds, a Lee Noble, or Lazy Magnet… Bathetic Records artists have always carried a vibrance and spirit to carry them to the tippy top of their realm. Miracle Of Love is Bathetic’s offering of endearment to you, faithful follower; a display of our ever-growing love for you. 2012 is offering a warmth that’s helped us grow.

COUGH COOL – ‘Rarities Volume 1: 2009-2012’ C44
Cough Cool crept up in 2009, the solo work of the pro Dan Svizeny. He made some songs, some tapes bubbled and spun out from his lair, and we were lucky to compile a stew of hits from him, that became an early Bathetic fixture, Buy Some Dust — which remains, and will forever remain — a classic bedroom burner of mad decadence. Somewhere along the way, Dan teamed up with Jon P. Mack, to work up the infamous Nude Beach, which took a nose dive after their Facebook page became a beach resort for perverts and another band snatched their name. C’est la vie. Dan and Jon, unscathed, decided ‘fuck it’ and just took up the Cough Cool moniker for themselves. Once again, Bathetic was lucky enough to jettison their first piece of wax onto the world – a monstrous menagerie of absolute 90s cool by way of 2000’s grit. They became lackadaisical, surefire superstars, bent for lo-fi rock royalty. However in the 4 years running of the Cough Cool machine, there’s been some odd men out, and we proudly present that to you as Rarities: 2009-2012. A look back on the hits and misses (if you’d even call them that), the chunks that didn’t make it to a specific release. What you’re going to find are some very #rare gems. Most of this shit is just as priceless as the tracks that made it to tape spool and wax. In their own words: “Rarities 2009-2012 is comprised of songs Jon and I made in our apartment in Philadelphia and basement in New Hope, PA. Our music and lives are influenced heavily by hanging out and talking about shit, and all of the people we wish we could sound like. In doing that, we kind of fell way short of a lot of those influences and along the way, carved out some sort of home for ourselves.” Edition of 100.


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