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MY CARAPACE IS LEAKING /Astral Social Club split CS
MY CARAPACE IS LEAKING is the solo project of Joincey, an institution in experimental music he has played in a huge number of bands over the years. To name a few- Inca Eyeball, Stuckometer, Wagstaff, Sculptress and Target Shoppers. In this guise, he performs one long droning electric bass jam. The last release my ‘MCIL’ was listed in Byron Coley and Thurston Moores top ten of 2010. Astral Social Club (Neil Campbell of Vibracathedral Orchestra) is on top form as usual. Again this is one long track, an immersive mix of superfast tape collage battling it out with superslow stately chord ripples and siren-synths. Limited to 99 copies and packaged in an oversized card cassette mailer with a 2 layer linoprint by Jake Blanchard. On pro-dubbed cassette.

The White Meadows – ‘A Time For Drunken Horses’
Debut full length from Peter Taylor (Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand) and Harpist/ Photographer Maria Thompson. Recorded as a response to shared interests in cinema, travel, science and Islamic culture; this varied record encompasses a plethora of samples from film, radio and lost private press gems. Live improvisation was performed using Heather harp, re-worked violin, homemade percussion and turntables. The White Meadows aimed to produce a scrapbook of detourned soundscapes, as well as a warped referential work on disjointed cultures. Influences can be heard from Abbas Kiarastami to Konstantin Lopushanksy, references to VLT’s and all female Arab tribes sit in uncomfortable parallels, as well as odes to the love of playing chess and the pursuit shared distain of youth violence. This is a restless work of experiment that hopes to excite the listener in both terms of reference recognition and sonic exploration. Limited to 50 copies on pro-dubbed cassette. 2 colour lino printed reduction cut sleeve and lino printed insert by Jake Blanchard.


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