[tzpCS24] Lazy Magnet – ‘Careless In Heat Vol.1’ 10E 2xCS
Double tape collection by lazy magnet. beat or not. melodies or not. noise or not. psychedelic or not. ax(e) cuts. because lazy magnet will do anything when he wants to, two tapes is a good start.

[tzpLIVE09] Ero Babaa – ‘Live Series Vol.9’ 5E CS
9th volume of the live series. sax pedals guitar mayhem. this is the live they destroyed the recorder. this is freedom. this is free noise. handmade sewing machine artwork.

[tzpLP06] Headwar – ‘Touche Pas L’Enfant’ 7E LP
headwar are playing dead rock. headwar are still alive. headwar are drums guitars locked grooves screams obsessive riffs. headwar are from this part of France which was the future.


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