Sloow Tapes

Ira Cohen – ‘The Bearded Iris’ C45
This is the last recording of Ira Cohen (1935-2011) reading at his New York apartment, made by poet, friend and collaborator Louise Landes Levi who was staying with him at the time. A very intense reading spanning his early work ‘Poems from the Cosmic Crypt’ up to his last collection ‘Everything You Say May Be Hold Against You’. Cohen’s visionary surrealist poetry transforms Asian shamanism, the Sufi poetry of Rumi, Cendrars’ great travelogues and Lorca’s duende into multi-dimensional phantasmagorical incantations. Jack Micheline called him ‘Allen Ginsberg on stilts’. His written work is as ecstatic intoxicating as his legendary mylar photographs and classic ‘The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda’ movie from the sixties. Includes insert. 100 copies.

Raajmahal – ‘Tishna’ C40
Two spaced-out tracks by Pat Murano (Decimus/NNCK) and Carla Backer (Baba Yaga/Flower Orgy), a trip beyond Cartesian dualism into dark waters of other-consciousness scented with Eastern spiritualism and quiet contemplation. Floating bodies of restrained guitar and ethereal vocal chants summon Apsaras bearing cups of psychedelic nectar. 100 copies.

Grapefruit – ‘Twin Reflections’ C40
Grapefruit is layers of analogue synths, subtle pulses and polyrhythms in sprawling myriad-dimensional Kosmische kraut universe.


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