FLETCHER PRATT – ‘MIND GUNK VOL. 17’ C20 $7(N. America)/$9(World)
The latest in FP’s MIND GUNK series of tape collages created on a 1970’s JVC ghetto blaster. This one features sliced/diced/warbled sounds of radio, percussion, modular synthesizer, clarinet, vaporizer, guitar,voice etc. Totally unpredictable, designed for the short attention span of today’s youth. Edition of 50, chrome tapes, inserts printed on glossy card stock.

NATTYMARI – ‘ARAB/ESC’ C30 $7(N. America)/$9(World)
NATTYMARI is truly what constitutes some “next level” shit. This tape is amazing. Chopped/screwed/glitched/effected middle eastern pop music. The effects are tasteful, just enough to warp your brain. Sit back and melt into these warm, beautiful slow jams. Limited edition of 50 on chrome tapes, inserts printed on glossy card stock. Grab it before it disappears in the desert sands.


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