Like Young

LY008 Conveyor – ‘Conveyor’ CS
Conveyor have created a masterwork of musicianship, vocal harmonies and delicious electronic infused pop jingles to make your life that much better. Blending in some of the best parts of each genre, and making them their own, Conveyor have struck gold and hand you their self-titled offering via cassette. Thanks to the wonderful people at Paper Garden Records who have allowed me the opportunity to release one of the greatest records I’ve ever heard. Seriously. This release also includes: 1. Cassette Tape 1. DropCard including the entire S/T album + a 6 track EP that is exclusive to Like Young Records, and can only be obtained through purchasing this tape! 1. 3 design button back Yellow /50 Green / 50 *CONVEYOR EXCLUSIVE COLOR*

LY004 Like Young/Wolf Grey split CS
Wolf Grey has a style on their own, combining emotion driven lyrics upon loud, minimalistic / blown out, dub laced noise. They are a force to be reckoned with, and for a reason at that! Solid dudes hailing from Utrecht in the Netherlands. Released on black & white tapes, each out of 25 copies. Both shells have white imprinting, and will coincide with the artwork / bands related with this release! Also included with each tape is a button back, one button to represent each artist. Black /25 White /25 *Each tape comes with a 1″ button back.

LY005 Like Young/Quiethouse split CS
Like Young is for fans of Stars Of The Lid, Tycho & Goddamn Electric Bill. Quiethouse plays favor to Flying Lotus, Mount Kimbie & Bonobo. Clear w/ Blue Liner /25 Clear w/ Green Linter /25.

LY006 SEXES – ‘Cults’ CS
Blown-out, drone laced tracks from New Albany, IN. FFO: Circle of Ouroborus, Monster Rally & Xasthur. Grey Tapes /50 *Each tape comes with a 1″ button.


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