Like Young

LY009: The Fridge – ‘Digital Dilletantism’
Hailing from Zürich, The Fridge bring forth their masterwork known as, Digital Dilletantism. A gorgeous collection of experimental pop melodies, delicate hooks and intimate lyrics. A collection for those who love music, and those who love making it. This truly is a piece of art, and I am honored to bring it to you. /25 TRANSLUCENT YELLOW /25 WHITE w/ PINK *THE FRIDGE EXCLUSIVE COLOR*

LY010: Quiet Sun – ‘Three Colours White’
Quiet Sun presents the incredible EP, Three Colours White. Filled with delicate atmospherics, trance laced ambience + upbeat electronic hooks to make for a very special, uplifting EP.FFO: The Album Leaf, Tycho, Air etc. 50 CLEAR w/ ROYAL BLUE LINER


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