KMN010-001 – Darryl Burke Mahoney – ‘Untitled’
The sounds found on Darryl Burke Mahoney’s first release are reminiscent of his hometown in Lachine, Quebec where the spectre of industry looms upon the lower avenues and the dormant factories present a rich palimpsest. There is expansive decay, a resistance to gentrification, as though suburban teenagers crawl inside these crumbling spaces to waste away the years.

KMN010-002 – Alex Durlak + Damian Valles – ‘Guitar and Drums’
Guitar and Drums is a split cassette from long-time collaborators Alex Durlak and Damian Valles. Each has created a series of experimental compositions using solely samples of the instruments they were best known for playing in their previous bands, as the title implies, guitar and drums respectively.


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