HR141 Soft Serve – ‘Nonday Diary’ C20
In the wild. It’s true, we didn’t know what we were getting into. Somehow the lights are on and we got a couple strips to plug some gadgets onto. Thus, Soft Serve occurs. Introducing Nevada City’s very own frozen cold stew: Jeffry Astin (Xiphiidae, Digital Natives, etc.), Kaisha King (G Sweems), Justin Kryzanauskas (Gerda Taro) — time slows by, one way or another. We make dew. edition of 50. type II BASF cass.

HR140 Digital Natives – ‘Parted By The Say’ 3xC62
Heres it is. The first of several 3-cassette box volumes, housed in fancy clear hard plastic norelco-book-style cases. What can be said? 66 tracks. Over three hours. Nearly endless chopped and scuffed narrative oracle churning through this, that, and everything. Dig in, dig deep. A wellspring for the top shelf. See the moon. edition of 50. type II BASF cass.


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