House of Alchemy

Rust Worship – ‘Terrestrial Society’ C20
Two side-long forays into deep cranial floods of sound. Thundering drone, cavernous analog hum, hair-raising thrash. Sounds from the dark side.
c20 edition of 100.

Clay Cantrell – ‘The Tree Farmer’ C32
Hypnotic folk stylings echoing in from Tennessee. Smoky, dream-like finger picking, hypnotic mournful piano, and jabs of electric guitar testifying, all in a half hours time. Songs of the late night or early morning, hazy and bruised but beautiful through and through. We were blown away on first listen and continue to be countless spins later. c32 edition of 100.

Venn Rain– ‘Bioharmonics’ C20
More hazy late-night sounds from the ever-awing Venn Rain. Ghostly beats lurk and gauzy synths lull. Deep soundscapes of distant echoes. This is the soundtrack to that second bottle of wine. c20 edition of 100.

Rambutan/Fossils From The Sun split C45
Split release from longtime House of Alchemy family crew. We couldn’t be happier to feature major solo works by these also members of Century Plants and Burnt Hills amongst other essential projects. Rambutan lulls you into a static, hazy coma of crystalline drone.  Fossils From The  Sun leads you in with hypnotic guitar before roaring off into the distance, dragging you along. We are elated to bring this to you. Enjoy. Artwork by Darryl Norsen. c45 edition of 100.

Chapels – ‘Last Nights’ C25
Late summer drought drones, maxed-out organ pulses, switch flips, crusted samples, and sweaty 16 ounce beer can-style glum. C25 edition of 50.


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