GR240: Orphanage Rats – ‘Nerve Agent’ C30
New mutations of the usual sax-guitar-gutter tape setup supported by pulsating, slow rhythms. Slow and toxic sounds by Lidless Eye and Tarpit recorded in the MUG concrete bunker. Xerox art, edition of 20 copies.

GR241: Mind War – ‘There Is A War Inside Of Everyone’ CDr
Reissue of the second tape from this trio, originally on Hermitage Tapes. Two scummy basement composition recorded May 2011 to 4 track by AC, and an equally scum-laden new track recorded March 2012 at MUG. Mind War is Sam Hooker, Andrew Coltrane, and Knox Mitchell. Xerox art, edition of 20 copies.

GR242: Kommissar Hjuler/Cold Turkey split C90
Insane split by insane people. Germany’s Kommissar Hjuler gives two pieces of the pure dadaist nonsense he is best known for, and Michigan’s Cold Turkey delivers his signature one man caveman jazz assault, recorded with saxophone, piano, and a hammer. Two efforts not to be missed. Xerox art, edition of 25 copies with insert.

GR243: Lidless Eye – ‘Circular File’ C32
Circuit bent-based tape collecting material destroyed between January-May 2012. Keyboards gutted to the absolute core and made to play non-melodies and trash beats, and a few tracks utilizing electronics controlled by a space heater. RIP all of the instruments that made this mess. Xerox art, edition of 20 copies.

GR244: Woven Qualm – ‘From The Grey Havens’ C60
Late night field recordings from the deep woods and creeks of the grey havens. Swarms of bugs conjured from the thick grey waters by flute, and sent back into their world at dawn. Xerox art, edition of 20 copies.

GR245: Void Transport C32
Steve Ladensack (Styrofoamswamp) and Knox Mitchell (Lidless Eye) duo in the finest form. Box fan negative void meets squirming electronics and organics to conjure terrible dreams of being hacked by a helicopter. Two attempts at moving the void. Xerox art, edition of 20 copies.

GR246: 1%er – ‘Satan’s 1%ers’ C90
Longest tape yet – one side of rehearsals and live opening for Nautical Almanac, and the other a reissue of the rarely-heard second tape “Astral Glide” on Hermitage. Engine noise and nasty electronics. Xerox art, edition of 20 copies.

GR247: The Tenses/Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau split C60
Split tape between two of the best female/male duos making strange sounds – The Tenses side is a live set that blurs the line between ’40s radio sound collage and bluesy guitar riffage, complimented by electronic ramblings. The KHJ Und Frau side is an unexpected vocal reading piece, interrupted frequently by ear-ruining electronics bursts. Xerox art, edition of 25 copies with insert.

GR248: Witches Of Malibu C46
First tape from this new industrial noise unit. Hypnotic beats and suggestions accompanied by shrill tones, low end scum, and other odd electronic warbles. 6 songs. Xerox art, edition of 30 copies with insert.

GR249: Black Lace Drag – ‘The Second Slaughter’ 2xC32 boxset
Two C32s by the Redrot / Lidless Eye duo. Released for the Flint Noise Fest in an edition of 12 copies. The recordings are rehearsals and other jams in preparation for that event. Packaged in a painted box with insert. Very few left.


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