Sound of Cobra

Expo ’70/Ancient Ocean split LP
After the onesided released some months ago the Missouri based multi-instrumentalist Justin Wright releases for Sound of Cobra a split lp with the new yorker avant rock guitarist Ancient Ocean.  Justin Wright / Expo 70 for this 12″ keeps his psych drone space attitude mixed with kraut influences. Hanging the guitar at the wall in a corner, he recorded a great moog impro (using OPUS 3 and Realistic): a tranquil ambient soundtrack, dreamy as tangerine dream can be, perfect for a space journey, somewhere else near the stars, far far away from this earth we live on; a warm texture keeps us in vacuum place and no rythms come to bring us back to the reality. Listening to it, we thought there´s a magic place somewhere and we wanna find it and go there: but now, we just enjoy this 20mins Justin made for us. The other side is for the brooklyn based musician John Bohannon aka ANCIENT OCEAN: hailing from the American South, he has howned a unique style of blissed-out amibent/drone meets americana-rooted psychedelia. The spaceship we were on slowly turns into a submarine and from the outer space we quicly dive into a deep ocean made of guitar loops and samples, listening to it we feel lost in a mix of cold and warm currents and dark shadows swim all around. Nice to be here!  The split comes out in 500 copies and it’s in collaboration with our friends of NO=FI Recordings and it’s released in occasion of their first european tour.


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