Robert & Leopold

Leif Elggren – ‘Sleepwalking’ C30  $8(US)/$10(World)
Edition of 100.  Swedish artist Leif Elggren has a monumental list of creative accomplishments in both the visual art world as well as a recording artist.  His first recorded piece, Cu, from 1982 firmly established Elggren as a archivist of his own work using recorded source material and field recording techniques.  For his newest cassette lucidly entitledSleepwalking, Elggren taped notation of his recent performance which was debuted at the Sleep Disorders exhibition in NYC during the Summer of 2012. Listen in to full report of what happened after the artist’s eyelids have closed and the parallel universe unfolded.

Death Houses – ‘…All But The Crimson Light Remained’ C10  $8(US)/$10(World)
Edition of 25.  Painful, seducing feedback noise culled from Ryan Martin (York Factory Complaint / DeTrop/ Hanel Koeck).  Lashing electronics, blarring distortion that muddy down into a looping industrial death trap. Short and to the point, no need for excuses.


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