Kimberly Dawn

(kimdawn054) Sparkling Wide Pressure – ‘Summer Headphone Ritual Volume 1’ CDr $6
Time sensitive material that needed to see the light before the upcoming equinox. These are worked over palimpsests of power and wandering. Dive in and swim around – ever watchful for sudden visitors. Presented in a numbered edition of 45 hand stamped 5″ cdrs (red is the color of summer – the sun is coming).

(kimdawn055) Grant Evans – ‘Lines That Unfold’ 3″CDr $4
A brilliantly deep and sensitive voyage from one half of the Hooker Vision/Quiet Evenings team. You can expect scrambled and soothing messages from between worlds – half washed away murmurings lifting up towards the silky fog of dawn. Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand stamped 3″ cdrs.


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