Ghosts of… : Diskono

Lume – ‘I Am An All Day Long Sucker For Your Love’
Lume is the long-time experimental lo-fi project of Belgian Joeri Bruyninckx who also moonlights as a music journalist doing interviews for Ruis, Urbanmag, Vice, Storing, Foxy Digitalis, RifRaf, Kwadratuur etc. A collection of his interviews with musicians from the deep dark Belgian underground was released as a book titled ‘Komaan jong, stel nu eens een boeiende vraag!’ (Dutch / English) in 2009. Release notes: “’I Am An All Day Long Sucker For Your Love’ is a line from a Stevie Wonder song. I don’t know which one. I haven’t heard the song. I just read this line in the lyric sheet. Stevie repeats this line over and over until it loses its meaning, which is a good description of these Lume recordings.”  Recording notes: “It’s an album in 3 parts.  I moved into a new home and recorded in the living room when it was still empty. I recorded all tracks with a dictaphone. I put the dictaphone in a corner. On the first track, I recorded myself playing a small portable organ from the 50s. I don’t play melodies or rhythms, just single notes. On the second track, I ‘play’ on a typewriter. For the last track, I just record the empty room, than played this recording in this room while recording it again. I repeated this process several times. Because I pressed the ‘record’ and ‘FFWD’ button together while recording, the whole record sounds slowed down.” Label notes: Herin the Ghosts of… : Diskono archive unreleased, half released, muted, hastily put down secret recordings and unfinished fragments that were generated, bounced around and received during the active life of the Scottish sound art collective Diskono (1998-2001) … plus random path crossed rickets from the contemporary hass sphere. Joeri Bruyninckx sent demos and tapes from Belgium on a regular basis to Diskono, most of the tracks ended up elsewhere … this however is an entirely new release.


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