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Nomen Novum – ‘If You Look For It, It’s There’ C46 $7
Atlanta’s Nomen Novum is one David Norbery.  Over the course of two albums and several singles and EPs, Norbery has drastically perverted, refined, and then upturned his methods for creating songs, so much so that we never knew if his next release would at all resemble the previous one.  But it is now obvious he would always have arrived at this point.  What began only a couple years ago as a fun rock n roll project with friends gradually morphed into a gleeful pop deconstruction, using samples as fluently as it did layers of guitars, its lyrics as process-driven and cut-up as its instrumentals.  We wondered if Norbery could top himself after his second album, Paradises, and the Go Primal EP, both released in 2009—they were too good! After this latest album, however, never again will we assume Nomen Novum, as a single entity, will ever rest on its laurels.  If You Look For It, It’s There is, quite simply, an experimental pop masterpiece, and one of the most beautiful, unpretentious, effortless-sounding records we’ve ever heard.  Norbery’s naive/wise lyrics and harmonies, interweaving guitar spindles, and classic pop hooks lie comfortably across a weave of intuitive beats (inspired by the likes of late 90s Warp Records, Krautrock, and current top 40 radio) and anonymous samples that may as well have been taped directly out of some parallel collective subconscious.   Tying it all together is a comforting sense of both heart and heartbreak, a pop record for our times.  We couldn’t be more excited to have this as our first release!  Gold foil pro-dubbed cassettes with handmade knitted sleeves.  edition of 100.


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