Torrent Cult Tapes

12000TREES – ‘Vol. 1’ C60
12000TREES is an improvisational type of band from Brooklyn, NY. Its members include people of different musical background as well as not professionally versed musicians. The sounds come from a variety of instruments – drums, bass, guitars, keyboardsd and synths, vocals, violin, sax, trumpet, trombone, percussions of diferent sorts; some combined and modified with electronic, electric and digital devices. Over time, 12000TREES core members have welcomed a rotating cast of guests and temporary participants. The music produced on stage and at practices is highly energetic. A a sense of a communion is created . Live shows can be surprising, introspective, viceral. 12000TREES tracks come from improvised sessions at a practice space, where the idea that stick out are reprised and re-worked for live shows with usually a minimal non-limiting structural guides. 12000TREES has just released their first recording, limited to a 100 cassette tapas, through their own newly created label – TORRENT CULT TAPES, with which they hope to have monthly releases of like minded people..  12000TREES Tape Vol. 1 is 60 min of great spacey psychedelic emotional music!


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