Sicsic Tapes

sicsic030 – Flamingo Creatures/Limpe Fuchs Trampelpfad split
Ruth-Maria Adam and Ronnie Oliveras have been around as part of the Datashock collective for quite a few years now, but their adventures as a duo are mostly undiscovered. With the help of electronics, bells, a violin and various percussion instruments the couple develops musical dialogues that speak to you in the most handsome way one can think of. Like Hans-Joachim Roedelius waltzing with Joan La Barbara while Smegma play (quietly) in the back. Limpe Fuchs’ a legend. From her early days as part of the Anima Sound duo to her current body of work there’s only one way to describe her approach towards music: radical, free and fearless. These live recordings proof that using only her voice and a few self-built percussion instruments she’s creating an atmosphere of maximum attention towards her audience. We don’t know how she does the trick, but we recommend the music cut to tape to re-enact the magic!

sicsic031 – Günter Schlienz – ‘Tape Studies’
Günter Schlienz is a quiet handed modular scientist, building his own instruments to create quality cosmic sounds. But we won’t spill the beans about the technical details and the specific process it took to cook up this high octane ambient music. All we are allowed to share ist that it’s all about Reel-To-Reel and Echos n’ Delay and Modular Synthesizers – but the exact recipe’s locked up in a secret Hobbykeller-Laboratory located somewhere unknown in Stuttgart. All you can do is: get some of Günter’s sonic narcotics, plug in your headphones and travel space without leaving the comfort zone of your couch!

sicsic032 – Dozens – ‘Casually Baroque’
Dozens is Ryan Connolly (Sundrips) and Francesco De Gallo (Hobo Cubes) delivering sunbaked tunes made of guitars and electronics. Perfect music to chill in the twilight on the porch, having a beer in your hand and your feet in a bucket of cold water. And there’s this sound all around you, like fireflies, glowing.

sicsic 033 – mise_en_scene/Voigt vs. Gerendás split
Imagine being locked in an anechoic dark room. The void space around you doesn’t respond to any of your actions – and the only thing you begin to notice is the sound of your brainwaves. More and more your inner ear is hooked to a pulsating rhythm emerging from deep within your head. If that doesn’t freak you out you’re ready for some mise_en_scene. In comparison to being challenged by frequencies from within, Thomas Gerandás (aka Skullorian Sound Sculptures) and sicsics-own Daniel Voigt chose a more comfortable way and exchanged and manipulated each other’s soundfiles to end up with two pieces of damaged noise. A slightly deranged musical dialogue for your listening pleasure. Deep fried Hering on a crushed skull! Nothing tastes alike!

sicsic034 – Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier – ‘A Guide To The Sun’
Like a silver stripe on an endless horizon Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier’s music’s signifying relief. Within her minimal dark musings Felicia Atkinsons’ buried some light. It’s not bursting out, but you can catch a glimpse of it if you wait patient enough. So take your time, head towards the horizon and you’ll be rewarded!

sicsic035 – Rambutan + Parashi – ‘Lesser Halogens’
Eric Hardiman (Rambutan) and Mike Griffin (Parashi) teaming up as a duo for the first time to perform some kind of synth-noir-music for the digital age: Dark, drifting and appealing. Music to sit alienated in front of your flatscreen dating a chat-room-femme-fatale. But she’s not in the mood and your without sleep for days, so you both have a smoke without smelling each other. Good clean fun, right?


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