SF Broadcasts

Originally selfreleased by SUPERSKIN himself we decided to rerelease this cassette as a HIGH QUALITY digital download only because of our current distribution difficulties. This diamond communicating out of Vienna City is a key witness of the current transmitting activities in this area which developed over the last eight years. He had been touring with a lively metaphysical group for almost three weeks now through the temple sites of Egypt to collect this seven helixes corresponding to energy centers, inside and outside of your body, on this planet, at this time. The connection of this seven strands means that the seven energy or information centers can begin to function and send information back and forth to one another. Traditionally, three of these centers are located in the body, and four are located outside of the body. These seven bodies are spinning with information. Once you, as member of the Family of Light, are able to take this mutation into your body, you will be able to integrate your three centers of information. You will begin to understand that you create your experiences, and you will learn to become a conscious creator.More than that, you will become a conscious rememberer of who you are.


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