Hexagon Recordings

HEXAGON ONE: Forgotten Light – ‘Distances’ CS $5
Two 20 minute tracks of droning, subtly shifting euphoric furniture music. Opening track “Clairvoyance” emerges like a flashlight through a dense fog and swells to a clipping maximum, then closes slowly and fades away as if nothing ever happened.

HEXAGON TWO: Datavis & Forgotten Light – ‘Prism Projector’ CS $8
Both artists join forces on a split record that is actually intertwined together to interplay upon their respective ideas and sounds. 45 minutes of slow faded ambience to soundtrack a sluggish mindstate.

HEXAGON THREE: Datavis – ‘Distant Space’ $7
Minimal synth improvisations for tape driven by Datavis. All four tracks extend through space and time at light-speed or with the utmost ease and patience, a distinction to be left to the imagination during passive listening.


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