GR229: Lidless Eye – ‘Stops A Beating Heart’ C32
4 track recordings of short lived fried and rewired electronics experiments. Strange homemade effect boxes and rewired radios melting together into malfunction. Color art, edition of 20 copies.

GR230: Diagram A – ‘R & D’ C60
New homemade electronic mayhem from this long-running homemade carnage manipulator. This tape is a demonstration of his hew arm device. I don’t know what it looks like, but if you seen this creep’s gear before, you know it’s probably some huge, loud, and nasty circuitry. Double-sided color art, edition of 30 copies.

GR232: Violent Mood Swings #2 zine + CDr
Second collection of warped xerox collages. Confusing melting images rendered and re-rendered. 8.5 x 11 zine comes with a disc of 4 track electronics. Edition of 20 copies. 

GR234: Slump – ‘Porton Down’ C30
New swampy lo-fi recordings from this UK jammer behind the Beartown Records label. Long electronic winds and loud weird unknowns. Color art, edition of 20 copies.

GR235: Resin Injection C32
Harsh electronics and eerie synthesizer from Bradley Dixon (Rose Window) and Knox Mitchell. One side mixed by each artist. Lots of  electronic squirms and heavy synth. Color art with insert, edition of 20 copies.

GR236: Some Larval Dream About Smothering C90
Archival recordings by the duo of Daryl Fraser (Vullmoxx) and Ryan Oppermann (Redrot). Pulsating synth rhythms  and glitched samples mixed in with some gross electronics. Double-sided color art, edition of 20 copies.

GR237: Peter Kastner – Kakawaka – Kommissar Hjuler Un Frau – ‘Whole Lotta Love’ C60
Essential reissue of a very limited (11 copies to be exact) and  out of print CD-R released on  Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond. Side A contains a collaborative live performance and tribute to Led Zeppelin. Side B contains unreleased solo tracks from all artists involved. Some of the best KHJ-MB recordings to date! Color art.

GR238: Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau And The Kommissar Hjuler Allstar Band – ‘Wanderup Indoor Riot’ C60
Reissue of a limited CD on their own Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond label, this recording captures a strange conversation-like session ending with Mama Bear delivering some intense screaming. Side B contains the previously unheard tracks JHM Fruchbarkeistritual and Who Knows What?. Always weird sounds from this insane fluxus duo. Color art, edition of 30 copies.


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