Dungeon Taxis

Ryan Jewell – ‘Infinite Light’ CS $6
Ryan Jewell’s astral audition of Furniture Music and study in clairaudience develops through the serene modulations of its reflective, percussive bowing. Part I is an ember of yogic minimalism and cantabile, Part II is the slight return. Dungeon Taxis 20. $6USD

Pak – ‘Cast Shadow’ CS $6
Artifact miniatures of choral filament and cardiac thump dunked in impish mains buzz and cyclic nice gunk. Lauren Pakradooni’s palimpsest of crawly melody is kindled in fungal medley, lattice of ooze. Entropy in the mouth of the earworm. Dungeon Taxis 21.

Legendary Hearts – ‘Music from the Elevator’ CS $6
Andrew ‘Angel Eyes’ Cowie and Kieran ‘Superstar’ Hegarty’s debut as Legendary Hearts bends Fourth World drum programs through a heavenly screen of Romance keyboard moire and subaltern electro ostinato, elegantly ghosted by chimed Dream & Desire guitar counterpoint. Six glassed arenas of upstairs tuneage and vanishing point melancholy in BM/EZ ascension. Dungeon Taxis 22.

TLAOTLON – ‘Teeth Alphabets’ CS $6
Jeremy Coubrough’s byzantine stepper of tuned detonations, radiant circuitry and molecular percolation rocks in hyperbolic space – an Aqua Worm Hole of talking-drum boink, atomized bounce and damaged Schaffel, filtered as Ewe music through the dizzy mixed meter and ecstatic syncopation of Footwork. Dungeon Taxis 23.


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