DK035: Caldera Lakes – ‘Live at Odgen Theatre’ C37 5€
Caldera Lakes’ sound like a ritual…  voices are cyclic like mantras, whispers change into  howling exhortations , electronic sounds are like the bonfire who turn on quietly and  instantly wrap all the scene with its flames. Odgen Theater in Denver was undoubtedly charmed by this performance, recorded where Eva and Brittany opened for a Sonic Youth gig. Caldera Lakes cassette comes in a ltd.100 copies pro-dubed tapes. Artwork by Le_scottature.

DK036: Hex Breaker Quartet – ‘Method for astral amelioration’ C30 5€
Sidereal travel soundtrack by HBQ (aka Grasshopper’s Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod, plus Telecult Powers’ Mister Matthews). Flugelhorns layers and themes counterpointed with synthesized pulsations will conduct your ego into a hypnotic and meditative journey of outer-space without you’re moving from your seat. Loop this tape on your deck for a long night experience of star watching !!! Method for astral amelioration comes in a ltd.100 copies pro-dubbed tapes. Artwork by mic_nodolby


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