Deathbomb Arc

DBA119 Gang Wizard – ‘So Excited’ DL
If the X-Men have done anything truly striking to transform the ancient legend of the phoenix, it is to insure that we must always be surprised by its return. Despite the predictability of its definition. Gang Wizard is no different. Their return in 2012, after nearly a 4 year disappearance, was something most never saw coming. But here they are, truly reborn. Still masterminded by their founder, Mike Landucci, the band is now populated by his own teen sons. But while the internet has completely changed the face of DIY from complete brutality to total chill zones, Gang Wizard’s approach still proudly stands on its rickety and splintered legs. So this release is in honor of a band that has never compromised, presented in glorious, free digital to help pass the tradition on to a new generation. The album, called ‘So Excited’ even includes a video performance recorded direct to ipad. Thats modern, right?

Gang Wizard – ‘Hood Rip’ square lathe 7″
The 2nd limited edition release from the new garde, 2012 reborn version of Gang Wizard. 4 brand new rippers on square shaped 7″s, handcut in Olympia, WA. Only 20 available, so you know the deal.


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