Sun Splitter – ‘III’ LP
Chicago-based Sun Splitter has created a monolithic hybrid of doom,  industrial-metal, drone and noise with this new 50-minute, five-song collection for BloodLust! This LP is closest in style to the ancient “Thanatos Descends” CD (B!013, 1996) by Dead World, and fits very nicely in the heavy Chicago scene with Anatomy of Habit, Rabid Rabbit, Arriver, The Atlas Moth, Pelican The Swan King, Oyarsa, Russian Circles, Locrian, Indian, Beak, etc. The heavy drum machine-driven foundation, dark electronics, layers of  distorted-yet-melodic guitars, and echoed-out vocals will appeal to fans  of doom, sludge, psychedelic, experimental noise and forward thinking metal groups such as Jesu, Neurosis, Nadja, The Human Quena Orchestra, Godflesh, Halo, (early) Pitchshifter, Sonic Violence, (early) Scorn, Dead Times, Floor, etc. The album was recorded by Matt Talbott (from the band Hum) and it was  mastered by preternatural metal mastering guy Collin Jordan (Leviathan,  Zoroaster, Nachtmystium, Batillus, Lord Mantis, Pelican, etc.).


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