Whiteness & Pinkness

Mugg – ‘Glass Child, Sink, Floor, Frosen Rose’ C20 $8
Teeth run accross microphone head. A male coughing, heavy breathing, licking of lips, liquids in mouth. Two voices are intertwining through elements of distortion, lead interference & temporary loss of signal. Lemmings, they are drinking and being merry. The sound of a basketball bouncing, a distant brook bubbling. Minimal loops & free vocalisation from a usually heavily loop laden project. Featuring members of Castle Mice, VDO, Gugg, Porpoise Torture, Slave, Moffarfarrah, Tweety, Always, Paeces, Krystoffkrvstoffiston, Gauntlet, Saint John’s Ambience, Bohemian Knights, etc. etc. etc. Name changes, comes back, changes again etc. ltd.20 copies, w/ orange cardboard covers, & white tapes stickered, in baby blue cases.

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