Teflon Beast

Chris Daily – ‘The Selected Works of Chris Daily Vol. 1: The Complete Works  & Lately, As Always: Wayside Songs’ CD/CS $20/$6
TBR is releasing a TON of MUSIC this July, including a massive data CD (containing 16 1/2 hours of music with 300+ songs) set titled The Selected Works of Chris Daily Vol. 1: The Complete Works and Daily’s new album titled Lately, As Always: Wayside Songs that will be available on cassette and download. The compilation set covers every solo recording one man band Chris Daily has ever multi-tracked and a smattering of group songs either produced by him or recorded w/Daily as a member of such groups as The Daily Brothers and Stylish Headphones, Milady. From D’s earliest 4-track cassette experiments to professional tech Pro Tools savvy audio masterpieces, the 300+ songs rival R. Stevie Moore for quantity and quality (and Daily aint yet 25 years old)!!  Lately, As Always: Wayside Songs is an album six years in the making…The set contains songs either left unfinished or newly minted gems from the years 2006-2012. Highlights include the bass-rocking rocker “Roland Kirk Blues,” the smooth horn section pop of “No More Weather,” and a cover of the Beach Boys-esque soon to be released (September 2012) new Netherverse song “Cigarette Boat.”


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