Monorail Trespassing

[mt91cd] Vasculae – ‘Cultural Primitivism’ CD $12(USA/CAN)/$14(World)
Full circle. A new project from Jonathan Borges (Pedestrian Deposit, Everyday Loneliness, Emaciator, etc). After several years of operating in more subtle areas of experimental music, Vasculae is a ‘return to form’; sharp noise composition with emphasis on layering, texture, purity, and ‘natural dynamics,’ as opposed to the rapid-fire cut-ups of the past. Elements of wall noise, crackle, and 90’s style raw blast are fused in these three tracks pulled from two years of intermittent 5-7 hour recording sessions. No melodic ambient interludes, no tape loops, no instruments — only the sources of pure noise textures. Edition of 500 copies.

[mt92cd] Rale – ‘I Sit By The Window And Watch Walls And Ceiling’ CD $12(USA/CAN)/$14(World)
Perhaps William Hutson’s best achievement yet, an impeccable follow up to his excellent ‘Some Kissed Charms …’ LP for the Isounderscore label last year. Long form, expert-level sound collage, composed with the format in mind from improvisations recorded between 2007 – 2011 as a continuous piece in seven parts. Weaving together the aesthetics of minimalism, academia, and subterranean noise study with electro-acoustics and elements of dark soundtrack style synth work, the end result is rich and modern musique concrete with a heavy literary influence overhead. Essential. Edition of 500 copies.

[mt93cs] Nephila – ‘Subcutaneous Memory’ C20 $7(USA/CAN)/$9(World)
Long awaited debut solo recordings from Shannon A. Kennedy (Pedestrian Deposit). Narrative compositions for zither, homemade string instruments and other surprises that evoke the spirits of surrealism, dark experimental music, and traditional asian instruments. Two pieces from 2009 and 2012; recommended listening under low light, a full moon, or in the woods. Special art edition forthcoming from Shannon directly.


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