m-014 – Conrad Schnitzler/Andreas Reihse – ‘Con-Struct’
Con-Struct the 2nd – When we asked Andreas Reihse to produce a Con-Struct album for us he didn’t hesitate to accept. Andreas Reihse, member of Kreidler and solo artist (album: Romantic Comedy m=minimal mm-008) is one of the most important  representants of the post-kraut generation, he also knows and loves the music of Conrad Schnitzler. The result is this second Con-Struct album. The composition Con-Struct 9 opens this work, epic spheres, deep electronic music that only can be produced being an admirer of Conrads sound aesthetics. Andreas Reihse starts his travel through the sound tracks of Conrad Schnitzler showing his producer and composer skills. The following tracks of this album contain some surprises. Some of the “Con-Structs” are groovy, in other Reihse and Schnitzler beam us to abstract worlds. Con-Struct is based on an idea of Conrad Schnitzler and m=minimal. This series will be continued.


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