Hospital Productions

CHRISTIAN COSMOS – ‘enthronement by god as the first-born of the dead’ LP
among the trinity of electronic projects of dominick fernow’s studies in anxiety and fear from the mythic natures of rainforest spiritual enslavement, the info wars of vatican shadow and the creator’s observation of christian cosmos. released first as a limited 4 x cassette box set now condemned to vinyl. lightning drums pound the rhythms for lost souls as the fall from paradise abounds and the trumpets of the heavens command the threshold. imagine a voiceless dead can dance sent through a black hole hence the ancient notes and structures are scrambled and returned with information loss while the cathedral floor is flushed with his sacraments. but there is a beauty in submission to belief. some have said the book is not about self improvement but faith. soundtrack for judgement of souls. first 100 copies come on ‘body and blood’ vinyl. edition of 500.

HELM – ‘geneva cave’ C30
we are proud to offer this release that shows the rawer most industrial side of helm, the new project form luke younger (birds of delay) from the uk. luke has been been making a unique blend of sounds that have reference to industrial culture, electronic noise, drone, and acoustic music and puts it together in a way that shows the listener new textures that are greater than the sum of their parts. pulled from live recordings and presented here on a tape that harnesses the true early industrial feeling that helm contains. hand painted and numbered oversize package. edition of 22. digital version coming soon.

CYCLONE SS – ‘awakening the zyklon titan’ 3xCS
this item is exclusively distributed on behalf of yoke of christ. this is the first release in ages from the label home to roman cross and astral command. recorded several years ago and now finally available in its completed form over the course of multiple sessions. absolutely raw black metal chaos. necro mythos violence. titan black metal. unlistenable. nearly and hour and a half in duration. edition of 54.


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