((Cave)) Recordings

Bre’r – ‘OLSB Music No. 1’
A chance meeting with D.A. Fisher on the streets of Oakland, California led to an exchange of tapes and our first exposure to the brilliance of his Bre’r project.  The tape was the sprawling masterpiece, “Dhome Herder” (Baro Records), which immediately prompted discussions about the possibility of a future ((Cave)) release.  Needless to say when we received this tape we were beyond excited. OLSB Music #1 represents a refinement of the Bre’r vision.  While a bit more concise, these tracks still take their time, slowly enveloping a wealth of sonic activity just beneath the surface, evoking a solitary walker of urban streets, out of step with the surrounding pace on the concrete, yet abiding with it, witnessing the frenetic activity in soft focus. -C-30, edition of 100 -Home dubbed on Type II Cobalt  -Art by D.A. Fisher.

Evan Lindorff-Ellery/Chapels split
Evan Lindorff-Ellery (Dense Reduction, Notice Recordings) and Adam Richards (Chapels, House of Alchemy) are two major figures in experimental music.  Their eclectic, yet impeccable labels display their open ears and subtle understanding of sound.  Likewise, their respective music projects have incredible depth and range. Evan’s piece, while a departure from the field recordings presented on past recordings, is no less intriguing as it takes on the domestic landscape of an apartment and the activity within.  Evan is a master at collecting and assembling novel textures and timbres: objects can be heard quivering to life as a hive of activity builds and thickens to an almost overwhelming climax. Chapel’s side blends together home and live recordings into a dark, reverberating collage.   Wolves howl as mysterious movements echo in a space that is at once a  forest teeming with nocturnal rustling, and an abandoned building occupied by participants of some strange rite. -C-64, edition of 100  -Pro-dubbed on Type II Cobalt-Art by Rob.

The Ether Staircase – ‘III’
The saga continues on our third full-length tape which pulls together recordings made last winter and presents some odd gems.  Side A is a dust devil, swirling together thrift store tapes while several keyboards of unknown origin struggle to navigate the murk.  Side B is a slow burning epic that Ben thinks sounds like a primeval forest, while I would put the whole thing at the bottom of the ocean. -C-32, edition of 50 -Home dubbed on ferrite cassettes  -Art by Ben and Rob.


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