Bridgetown #84 – Kevin Greenspon – ‘Folding Focus’ DVD
Folding Focus is a 10-song exploration of movement, transitions and stasis in the audio/video field. The disc features visual work by Paul Skomsvold (Former Selves) and Matthieu Séry that will be projected during Kevin Greenspon’s performances on his 3-month USA tour this Fall. Tiny Mix Tapes’ review of the first track explains that Skomsvold’s visuals “give new meaning to a term like ‘watercolor,’ truly painting the frame with soft strokes of vivid shades while keeping the overall image in a decidedly aqua state. Greenspon’s guitar, meanwhile, is at its most fluttery and falsetto with this number, the melody softly gliding to the forefront before unabashedly chiming out its saccharine message, swimming through a gentle pond of tone before the entire thing crumbles as the beauty is rudely devoured in crinkling static.” Séry’s work serves as a complementary foil, immersing the viewer in subtle shifts of painted color, points and form that gradually coalesce into hundreds of miniature, inconceivable climaxes. Pro-duplicated and shrinkwrapped region-free DVDs (NTSC Region 0 for worldwide compatibility) with full-color artwork and liner notes.


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