[tzpCS22] Jean-Philippe Gross – ‘Heike Trapped The Piano’
Feedback eats feedback eats feedback. cannibal frequencies eats cannibal frequencies. uncompromising synth eats itself. pure eats sine eats sine eats pure. a piezoelectric microphone eats you. heike trapped this tape.

[tzpCS23] Carrageenan – ‘The Golden Beast’
Dirty dancing robot. fucked drum machine emulation. slowy & minimaly repetitive. synth clap hand is the future. slow motion booty shake. sexy.

[tzpPRO12] Cadgers In Pillowy Umlaut – ‘Helical Pour Pellicle’
It took more time than we could ever imagine to put this one out. but finally. concrete manipulations for films you will never see. let’s walk and see what your brain can hear. a bubble synth trapped in a tape loop trapped in a bubble synth. art by jonas.


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