PERISPIRIT – ‘STRUNG ARM BRIGADE’ C23 $7(US)/$7.5(CAN)/$8.5(World)
In combination as Perispirit, Luke Moldof and Ricardo Donoso amplify an uneasiness that rests between analog and digital composition technology and the attitudes that surround approaches to these technologies.   They build and inevitably subvert distinctions, if only because of the speed and spectral character of their movement through compositional modes.   The signal slips between the artists, through their instruments, and across styles.  ‘Scenic’, concrète assemblages, as much about the organization of channels of influence as it is about the organization sound.  A hybrid is more than one thing at the same time.  Signal flow, work flow, cross-injection.  In an edition of 175 copies, professionally duplicated/imprinted Type II High Bias Chrome cassettes, and cardstock covers.


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