A Beard of Snails

ABOS3-096 – Bjerga/Iversen – ‘New Electric Morning’ C38
Hereupon, two side-long performances built from golden drones and subtle, ethereal mutant sunshine. Organic, creeping, sonically intricate. Stamped, yellow-as-dawn cassettes. Quite pleased these Norwegian legends (who’ve done releases for nearly everyone) finally turned up in the garden of the bearded snail.

ABOS3-094 – Dao De Noize/Troj C28
Blazing sci-fi beauties from the ever prolific Dao De Noize and the more under the radar (but equally intriguing) Troj. Seering sidelong sculptures of haunted analogue synthesis, rusted android whispers, lunar stormfront machinations, or so. Stamped blue tapes, thick Xeroxed j-cards.

ABOS3-090 – Derek Rogers – ‘Peripetia’ CDr
New immersive works from recent L.A. transplant (and familiar name) Derek Rogers. From mellow synth and/or guitar drift, to edgy cascades, over understated minimalist melodicism augmented by environmental recordings et al., mood and feeling are central here. One of the finest headphone-appropriate albums I’ve laid ears (and head) to recently, yes! Housed in 14×14 cm envelopes with individually “drip painted” cover bits – each one unique.

ABOS3-089 – Shalocins – ‘Another Hovering Menace’ CDr
From the Spanish spellcaster (also) known as Shalocins: new hovering, menacing, singular (de)compositions. Such a fine melding of industrial paranoia percussion, saxophony, and sinister oscillator energy. Warped hyper-reality joy! CD-R in an edition of 16, in watercolour stained, Xeroxed envelope covers.

ABOS3-085 – Twin Polygamists/Pacific Mausoleum C8
Cassingle sized exhaltations: the springy synth ‘n’ squelch stylings of TP on one side; the metal latrine music of PM on the other. Watercolour stained j-cards, stamped red cassettes. Limited to 8 huge ones.

ABOS3-073 – Strange Mountain – ‘Strange Mountain’ CDr
Hereby, five (three lengthy, two brief) unexpected rainy-day-synth tunes from Jakarta. With endless warmth in the wires, exuding nostalgia about the future, this is textured, blissful, harmonic bedsit ambient of the highest order. Artwork affixed to digipaks.

ABOS3-061 – Caligine – ‘Anomia Mediterranea’ CDr
More than simply a “freak-folk-and-beyond CD-R to end all freak-folk-and-beyond CD-Rs”, ahem, Caligine’s latest (after exceptional past appearences on Jozik, Stunned, Sturmunddrugs, and The Wool Shop Productions, as well Caligine’s own Monstres par Excès) attains absolute tour de force status, here. Revel in these tranquil, entrancing transworldly acoustic anomalies, stellar ether-songs, and roaring, electrified oceanographic pedalpushers, interspersed with archeological samples and such. Our elegant edition comes in a sleeve of different types/layers of paper/plastic. A vinyl release, with different artwork, will likely happen through Monstres par Excès later.

ABOS3-057 – Spittle Sisters – ‘These Dark Objects’ C37
Strange, all encompassing vibes on this demented/determined ritualist landmark, from the bodies, minds, and souls of Bad Orb (Leopard Leg, etc.) and Justin Wiggan (Dreams of Tall Buildings, etc.) Cavern electronics, gothic dub strains, churning black waves, trashed pocket sinfonias like abstract smoke signal soundtracks. On pro duplicated red tapes in an edition of 52.

ABOS3-051 – Pregnant Spore/nodolby one-sided LP
A single-sided split, pairing two heavy hitters/fellow label owners, “noise-and-beyond-scene” wise: Justin Marc Lloyd (Rainbow Bridge) and Mic Scariot (Dokuro), both making their solo debuts on the 12″ LP format here. We (they) proudly present thirteen lucky minutes of blown out chaos shrieks channeling manic mushroom musique; action malfunction, lo-fi riffs, all mangled marvelously. Limited pressing of 52, in painted/stencilled jackets, with various inserts (vintage book clippings, et al.


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