Lighten Up Sounds

THE GILI GILI MEN C52 $6(US)/$7(Can/Mex)/$9(World)
Crackling voice and reed surrealism, in which the line betwixt live and pre-recorded sound is left blurred and frothing. The Gili Gili Men is an elevated West-Coast snake-charmer trio featuring mystery members from such sonic subversives as Million Brazilians, Fake Hospital, and Visitor. Dusty lock-groove trance meditations, piled with damaged vocal gargle/shriek incessant cartridge static and loose-fitting horn vomit. A series of strange improvisational harsh-hypnosis sessions documented directly to plastic plates by Arrington De Dyoniso, having been recorded live in real time to his antique lathe-cutting machine in Olympia, Washington. Those crackly grooves were then played back and further abused by that same group of warped freakers, fully jammed upon and sent a skipping. Wailing reed abuse and deep non-jazz wrangling, forever soothes the serpent. These recordings ruminate upon a true-life political protest action in India, in which an angry local snake-charmer set loose a writhing basket of live poisonous snakes inside a government office building during business hours. Real time duplicated White shell cassette with full color labels comes packaged with ancient “entwined serpent” card stock J-card, hand numbered in a clear Norelco case. Profound confusion tapestries for illicit social upheaval. Edition of 50.

MEN of SCIENCE lathe-cut picture 7″ $20(US)/$23(Can/Mex)/$28(World)
Men of Science is the new collaborative duo of Andreas Brandal and Matthew Himes. Dense grinding textures and layered atmospherics composed from violin, electronics, tape loops and broken dreams. This new single is presented as a lovely square lathe-cut picture disc 7”, serving as a short but powerful preview of the upcoming full length cassette due out later this summer. Crude industrial textures and churning mechanics lapse into powerful violin drones and bleak ambient soundscapes. Beautiful and meticulously handmade square picture discs ( freaking thick! ) cut good and loud to clear acrylic featuring full color “Nurse Fetish” romance novel artwork on both sides. Super limited edition of 25 un-numbered copies come protected in clear heavy plastic sleeve. Strange times manifest. Edition of 25.

MOLE HOLE – ‘Seclusion Tactics’ 3xC20 boxset
Lighten Up Sounds is proud to present this soggy new selection of abstract transmissions from the main Murk-Man himself. Mole Hole is the solo bummer-electronics project of Matthew Himes, reclusive small-town misanthrope, and chief proprietor of the Lighten Up Sounds imprint. What we present here is a long time coming anthology of six new ten minute tracks, each thematically sequenced for their respective sides. These are sprawling and depressive works focused upon the psychological effects of physical isolation and severe emotional deprivation.  Makes for a full hour of deep mud-pit spelunking. This lovely box-set presents a gurgling expanse of “warts-and-all” extreme-sound coping mechanisms, ranging broadly from minimal deep-fuzz delusion to bizarre aggressive assault mode. Tape machines, amplified file cabinets, creaking springs, Wavetek signal generator, Korg Monotron, rusty sheet steel, xerox machines, violin scratch, obscure field recordings, mysterious found sound and even glimpses of seething vocal rage floating up through the fog. Includes an exclusive creeper-zone track composed in honor of the legendary cult-classic horror film Re-Animator. Matching set of three transparent blue shell cassettes with black and white F. T. W. labels comes packaged in a heavy audio-book album featuring stark black and white “Blindfold Lesson” artwork with Seclusion text pasted inside. Hand-numbered edition of 44. Nobody cares, get used to it. Edition of 44.


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