I Had An Accident

Walter Gross – ‘LA Pink Filth’ C35 $5
Repressing of one of our favorite release – now available on pink cassette tapes. Nasty beats and Hellish mixes finally receives its proper format. Limited to 20 on chrome tapes and features a remix not on the CD. Mp3 with purchase.

Wilhelm/Romart – ‘Melody For A Broken Heart’ C40 $6
The debut release of Wilhelm featured on a split with Romart… both concoctions of Ireland’s Ian McCarthy. Sparse pin drops and charged ions bouncing in a thunderous drone set on stilling the air around you. Similar to conceptualizing the sound of a boot crunching fresh snow or icicles melting in a freezing sun. Echoing stillness… Romart’s picture is of a broken heart destroyed with life and pumped blood in a drainage ditch of glitched sentiment. Uttered sadness and a dust of debris clouds upward from a fallen shell. A chanting sample of distorted love, the melody of a broken heart. Free mp3 download with purchase. Limited to 30 on green film cassettes and chrome tape.

Heart Heart Julia – ‘Dreams of Ways of Killing Her’ C15 $7
Heart Heart Julia brings forth Dreams Of Ways Of Killing Her – a short ep/single featuring the track “Night Falls” featuring the beautiful vocal stylings of DenMother weaved within the weird guitar and sound sculptures of Heart Heart Julia. A continued chaotic experimentation that causes some to scratch their head, while others find a subtle beauty buried inside the sounds. The b-side features the finally completed track “Benjamin” written in 2005 after Bieler enjoyed the documentary about Benjamin Smoke. Finding rare vocals and poetic imagery of death singing. The album is rounded out with a strange acoustic rendition of “Easy like Sunday Morning” dubbed special by the bizarre strength of Bieler and Dutton. Free mp3 download with purchase. Rare limited to 10 copies on c15 reel2reel cassettes.  Also available as free download.


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